Movement Lab People


Manoj Srinivasan. Associate Professor. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Current Students

Aya Alwan (Graduate student)
Sriram Sekaripuram Muralidhar (Graduate student)
Noah Eckstein (Graduate student)
Matthew Lerner (Graduate student)
Nicholas McGuire (Undergraduate student)
Blythe Dumerer (Undergraduate student)
Danny Goetz (Undergraduate student)


Note: the degree denoted below in parenthesis refers to the degree that they got from us, rather than their eventual professional degree.


Barrett Clark (PhD). Senior Applied Scientist, Bright Machines, Inc. Formerly, Chief Technology Officer, Softwear Automation, Inc.

Nidhi Seethapathi (PhD). Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT. Post-doctoral researcher, Kording Lab, Bioengineering and Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania.

Varun Joshi (PhD). Post-doctoral researcher, Locomotion Research Lab, University of Michigan. Formerly at Neurobionics lab and Neuromuscular and Rehab Robotics Lab, U Michigan.

Matthew Handford (BS, PhD). Researcher, Willow Wood. Post-doctoral researcher, Biomechatronics Lab, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yang Wang (PhD). Engineering Team Manager (Object tracking/ADAS), Aptiv. Formerly, Project Engineer, Caterpillar Inc.


Leroy Long (MS). Associate Professor with tenure, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Sloan Zimmerman (MS). Senior Biomedical Engineer, Nottingham Spirk. Formerly, Mechanical Engineer, Synapse Biomedical, Inc.

Dheepak Arumukhom Revi (BS and MS). PhD fellow, Boston University. Formerly, Research Fellow, Harvard University.

Kevin Lehtinen (MS). Manager, Virgin Hyperloop.

Geoffrey Brown (MS). Product Engineer, Bertec Inc. Formerly, Research Engineer, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

Jennifer Perry (MS). Researcher and lab manager, Ohio State Sports Medicine, Formerly, biomechanical analyst, Speed Clinic, U Virginia.

Sangjin Pai (MS). Researcher, Hanwha Techwin. Formerly, Samsung Techwin.

Raymond Dong (MS). Engineer, Sierra Nevada Corporation. Formerly, Research Engineer, Batelle Memorial Institure.

Timothy Scalley (MS, co-advised with Alison Sheets, who was the primary advisor). Cleveland Clinic.

Cameron Spicer (MS). Bright Machines. Formerly, Ready Robotics.

Adarsh Arvind Bavani Shankar (MS). Dassault Systems.

Jianshu Wang (MS), Jason Switzer (MS), Nicholas Baker (MS).


Nadja Marin (BS). MS/PhD student at UIUC.

Zhengcan Wang (BS). PhD student, U Wisconsin, Madison.

Pranav Kini (BS). Engineer, Senseonics, MD.

Carson Cooper (BS). Engineer, Applied Physics Lab.

Rashid Mattar (BS). Masters student in Aerospace Engineering, OSU.

Jackson Riemerschmid (BS). Researcher, Movement Lab.

Xiaolin Wang(BS). MS student, UC Berkeley

Dheepak Arumukhom Revi (BS and MS). PhD fellow, Boston University. Formerly, Research Fellow, Harvard University.

Zhihao (Jack) Zhang (BS). MS student, University of Michigan

Isaac Khan (BS). Rockwell Automation.

Robert Shepherd (BS). Honda Research.

Colin Melick (BS). Graduate student, School of Northwestern University.

Kaiwen Yang (BS). Graduate student, University of Texas, Austin.

Aya Alwan (BS and research engineer). PhD candidate, Ohio State University. Research Intern, Brooks Running Biomechanics Research Lab.

E Hong Tiew (BS and research engineer). Melbourne PhD fellow, University of Melbourne. Formerly, Engineer, Zimmer Biomet.

Scott Snarr (BS). PhD candidate, University of Texas, Austin.

Sijie Yu (BS). Milbrook Engineering.