Conference on Dynamic
          Walking, July 21-24, 2015

About the conference

The Dynamic Walking Conference concerns the fundamental principles underlying legged locomotion and, more generally, other dynamic movements of animals and robots. The conference brings together researchers studying human and animal locomotion and those that design and build legged robots, prosthetic devices, and exoskeletons. Central topics include predictive principles for dynamic movement, stability and control, optimality (or lack thereof), energetics, novel experimental data (ideally with a conceptual tie-in or unexpected results), robot successes and failures, and system-identification/simulation/optimization/estimation techniques (but only when they allow studies that were previously not possible).

To promote the open sharing of information, the meeting is organized to provide as much interaction between participants as possible. The format is informal, with a single track of oral presentations of varying durations, interactive poster sessions (many with mini-talks), hardware demonstrations, and tutorials. We encourage all attendees to present in one of these formats. Participation by graduate students is highly encouraged.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:    March 15, 2015.
Notification of abstract acceptance:    April 10, 2015.
Dynamic Walking Conference:    July 21-24, 2015.
Suggested arrival date is July 20. Official program will end by July 24, 5 pm.


General correspondence:

Here's the full organizing team including the student and staff, now with pictures.

Manoj Srinivasan, Manoj Srinivasan, Ohio State University  (local host, email)
Pranav Bhounsule
, University of Texas, San Antonio  (email)

Scientific Board

Art Kuo (U. Michigan), Andy Ruina (Cornell), Max Donelan (Simon Fraser), Chris Atkeson (Carnegie Mellon), Steve Collins (Carnegie Mellon), Martijn Wisse (Delft), Manoj Srinivasan (Ohio State)


Bertec Corporation. Force plates,
                          instrumented treadmills, etc.
Disney Research

Previous Meetings

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Dynamic Walking 2013, Carnegie Mellon University
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Dynamic Walking 2011, University of Jena
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