Conference on Dynamic
          Walking, July 21-24, 2015

Program Overview and Guidelines

Oral presentation schedule for the whole conference.
Day-wise schedule with all poster presentations in order.
List of all the submitted abstracts in alphabetical order.
List of hardware demos.

The program consist of a one-hour talk by Michiel van de Panne, a few half-hour talks: Neville Hogan, Steve Collins, Devin Jindrich, Max Donelan, and John Jeka + Tim Kiemel a session on the DARPA robotics challenge (short talks and panel discussion by Katie Byl, Russ Tedrake, Jerry Pratt and Chris Atkeson), interactive poster sessions on 3 days (posters up the whole time) accompanied by lightning talks, and other regular sessions with talks of multiple lengths (5-25 mts): on robot control ideas, exoskeletons and prostheses, human walking dynamics and stability, human energetics and biomechanics, uneven terrain and robustness, robot demos, etc.

Amusement Park Trip on July 25. Want to reach 0 to 120 mph (193 km/hr) in 3.8 seconds? Cedar Point is THE roller coaster capital of the world and is only 2.5 hours away from Ohio State University. We are planning a trip to Cedar Point on Saturday, July 25th, after the conclusion of Dynamic Walking. Tickets will be around $48-$55, depending on number of participants and cars needed. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail Amy Wu at

Poster presentations and guidelines

Poster presentations will be over 3 days (July 21-23), just over 20 posters on each day, and will last for about 2 hours, allowing time for attendees to see your poster and discuss your research at a leisurely pace. All posters will be up for the whole conference (at least 3 full days), so that the discussions can continue beyond the poster session. Posters can be at most 48 inches x 48 inches.

The One-minute lightning talk. All poster presenters will also give at least a one-minute talk, timed by an automatic slide advancer. Poster presenters have the option of sending us one or two slides in power-point or PDF, or let us simply use their abstract as the slide; the slides will be shown for exactly 60 seconds total, 30 seconds each by default if two slides. These poster slides will also be on a loop on a big screen through the conference in the poster presentation room. Please send us an email with subject-line "poster slides" to We hope to provide poster presenters with a table and electrical outlet; presenters are encouraged to bring a laptop with video or interactive elements, as well as hardware suitable for table-top demonstration.